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Taylor M. Avatar
Such a beautiful location! Very attentive and nice staff. Karaoke live band on Sunday nights is a blast!
Taylor M. 9/18/2023
Aria N. Avatar
Great time. Happy hour $5 drinks. Live music sundays. Lovely ambiance. Lots of fun nights forthcoming! Parking: Ample street parking and will depend on time of day
Aria N. 9/18/2023
Amanda R. Avatar
So glad to have a Brando’s in the neighborhood! The place is gorgeous and the live band is top notch. Perfect place for a date or a night out with friends.
Amanda R. 9/18/2023
Pemalyn H. Avatar
This place is classy and fun!
Pemalyn H. 9/18/2023
Warren D. Avatar
Place had a sick vibe. Great atmosphere. Live music was great and drinks even better
Warren D. 9/18/2023
Skyler K. Avatar
Brando's was an outstanding location with cheap drinks and such a great energy. We came for a quick drink but got sucked in - highly recommend this sweet spot!
Skyler K. 9/18/2023
Aleksija I. Avatar
We came to the grand opening, and absolutely loved it! The ambience is so lovely and the live band was such a fun addition. The drinks are delicious (and strong). Highly recommend you check it out!
Aleksija I. 9/18/2023
Simeon H. Avatar
Brandos was dope! Great service. Bradley the bartender was the bomb
Simeon H. 9/18/2023
Stevie C. Avatar
A great vibe!! Drinks are very tasty as well and the staff is very friendly and overall atmosphere is so enjoyable!!
Stevie C. 9/18/2023
Maddy T. Avatar
Amazing music and great karaoke selection. I went here for my 30th birthday with my sister, and had the best time!
Maddy T. 9/18/2023
Katherine R. Avatar
Amazing service! Love it here already!
Katherine R. 9/17/2023
Jane F. Avatar
Great service!
Jane F. 9/17/2023
Alex D. Avatar
Newest, hottest Kareoke bar! 🔥
Alex D. 9/17/2023
Bridget F. Avatar
Best bartenders!!!
Bridget F. 9/17/2023
Raul F. Avatar
Very cool Kid-friendliness: Staff is very much friendly
Raul F. 9/17/2023
Christine F. Avatar
Great vibe!
Christine F. 9/17/2023
Nick K. Avatar
Delicious cocktails, beautiful aesthetic.
Nick K. 9/17/2023
Rozenn R. Avatar
Love 💕 t and team available
Rozenn R. 9/17/2023
Caley K. Avatar
Some wretched, young lady knocked into me and spilled my precious martini, but as is life at at a karaoke bar… had a fun time, love Brando’s.
Caley K. 9/17/2023
matt w. Avatar
First time coming here and we were shocked by how are some it was!
matt w. 9/17/2023
Bailey M. Avatar
Love this place
Bailey M. 9/17/2023
Isabelle T. Avatar
It’s so fun here! If you’re not trying to be at the crowd of halligans/hook and later this is the place!
Isabelle T. 9/17/2023
Ashley M. Avatar
Aounds so fun
Ashley M. 9/17/2023
Sydney G. Avatar
Great bartenders, definitely a younger crowd compared to the Loop location thanks to the proximity to DePaul. FANTASTIC drinks and AMAZING happy hour 🙂
Sydney G. 9/17/2023
Samantha T. Avatar
Amazing bar!!
Samantha T. 9/17/2023
anthony s. Avatar
Christian was the best ! Great bartender and karaoke creates a great atmosphere!! Party here 🎉🍾
anthony s. 9/17/2023
Angel S. Avatar
Christian is the BEST !!!
Angel S. 9/17/2023
Brody J. Avatar
Very nice
Brody J. 9/17/2023
Claire C. Avatar
Obsessed with this place! Lucky to live next door!
Claire C. 9/17/2023
Sophie K. Avatar
Great weekend karaoke spot in Lincoln Park! Awesome happy hour deals too
Sophie K. 9/17/2023
Katie J. Avatar
Yum! My fav place!
Katie J. 9/17/2023
Julia R. Avatar
Quick service great atmosphere
Julia R. 9/17/2023
Elliot P. Avatar
Love this place!
Elliot P. 9/17/2023
Audrey S. Avatar
great vibes Wheelchair accessibility: awesome
Audrey S. 9/17/2023
anthony d. Avatar
Love the vibe the karaoke is a very fun experience
anthony d. 9/17/2023
Christian L. Avatar
Bouncer is awesome!
Christian L. 9/17/2023
Tim B. Avatar
Josh is a spectacular bartender
Tim B. 9/17/2023
Sophia B. Avatar
hard to figure out where you are in the queue in the karaoke, but it was also the first night. décore was very cute.
Sophia B. 9/17/2023
Hailey J. Avatar
so much fun, great karaoke atmosphere
Hailey J. 9/17/2023
Emmy S. Avatar
Very fun
Emmy S. 9/17/2023
Lili C. Avatar
AMAZING!! AMAZING SERVICE! Five dollar drinks, they played promiscuous! Amazing karaoke. And the bouncers were really cool
Lili C. 9/17/2023
Kaleigh D. Avatar
fire bar
Kaleigh D. 9/17/2023
Bradley C. Avatar
Had such a great at the opening weekend event! Service was quick and the prices were surprisingly low!
Bradley C. 9/17/2023
Todd M. Avatar
Awesome place. Lincoln Park needs something fun but for non 21 year olds lol. Good drinks, very nice staff!
Todd M. 9/17/2023
Taylor R. Avatar
good place good time
Taylor R. 9/17/2023
Charles W. Avatar
Great place
Charles W. 9/17/2023
Caitlin H. Avatar
Best bar ever!!!
Caitlin H. 9/17/2023
Macella M. Avatar
Great karaoke and ambiance. Very good happy hour deals.
Macella M. 9/17/2023
Anshuman A. Avatar
great environment Parking: open street depending on day
Anshuman A. 9/17/2023
edward t. Avatar
Emotes speakeasy vibes atmosphere is everything, great drinks
edward t. 9/17/2023
Abby K. Avatar
Great bar great vibes
Abby K. 9/17/2023
Lauren F. Avatar
Such a good time! So ready for this place to be the LP spot Parking: Behind Lincoln Ave you’re fine
Lauren F. 9/17/2023
Savana S. Avatar
The Lincoln Park location Is classy and has similar vibes to the South Loop location . Friendly staff and good drinks!
Savana S. 9/17/2023
Helana M. Avatar
Pretty cool
Helana M. 9/17/2023
Amarra L. Avatar
fun vibes, good karaoke
Amarra L. 9/17/2023
Megan R. Avatar
First time attending this bar - great vibes and a lot of fun. People can sing kareoke and it’s really fun to people watch.
Megan R. 9/17/2023
Jared M. Avatar
Really fun vibe, karaoke singers were killing it, decore was fitting everything
Jared M. 9/17/2023
Kelly P. Avatar
Great vibes. Vegetarian options: Slay
Kelly P. 9/17/2023
eddie p. Avatar
Brandos had just the right vibe for a night out! Kareoke song choices are always top notch and everyone is always having a great time. Super friendly bar staff, I highly recommend!
eddie p. 9/17/2023
Mary S. Avatar
Great atmosphere
Mary S. 9/17/2023
Jeanne P. Avatar
Amazing vibe. Great bartenders
Jeanne P. 9/17/2023
Victoria G. Avatar
Amazing 10/10
Victoria G. 9/17/2023
Sammy S. Avatar
An outstanding experience
Sammy S. 9/17/2023
Daniel G. Avatar
I love!
Daniel G. 9/17/2023
Lucie M. Avatar
Perfect bar. Very great opening and amazing Kararokee
Lucie M. 9/17/2023
Michaela S. Avatar
Come for the karaoke, stay for the mules!
Michaela S. 9/17/2023
Capucine B. Avatar
Great bar, the atmosphere and vibes are both chill and fun. Decor is cozy/lounge and they are very generous with their cocktails' alcohol content
Capucine B. 9/17/2023
Shivani S. Avatar
Beautiful decor and such a fun atmosphere!
Shivani S. 9/17/2023
Jazzy H. Avatar
Dopest vibes, dope music, good drinks
Jazzy H. 9/17/2023
Mathilde M. Avatar
Super ambiance, cocktails très bien équilibrés ! Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5
Mathilde M. 9/17/2023
Amalia T. Avatar
truly- this will be the most litty bar in LP y’all
Amalia T. 9/17/2023
Emma L. Avatar
Love the atmosphere!
Emma L. 9/17/2023
Ciara K. Avatar
Best service ever! I just moved here from Wisconsin and was in shock with how reasonable and (cheap) the drinks were in comparison to most of Chicago. Not to mention great and friendly service!!
Ciara K. 9/17/2023
Georgia M. Avatar
Chris is the best!
Georgia M. 9/17/2023
Maddie H. Avatar
Best music in Lincoln Park!!
Maddie H. 9/17/2023
Alex B. Avatar
Great bar. Top 3 in Lincoln park for sureeeee.
Alex B. 9/17/2023
Evan M. Avatar
Evan M. 9/17/2023
Bailey I. Avatar
Fun!! Good music!! Kinda crowded!!
Bailey I. 9/17/2023
Kyra S. Avatar
Good stuff, such a fun atmosphere!
Kyra S. 9/17/2023
Mada B. Avatar
Mada B. 9/17/2023
Cal Avatar
I had such an excellent time performing karaoke for the first time
Cal 9/17/2023
Dalana L. Avatar
Love the atmosphere! The vibe of the place was A1 and love fact it was no negativity. I will be a returning customer.
Dalana L. 9/17/2023
Laidback E. Avatar
Great place good security
Laidback E. 9/17/2023
Amelia B. Avatar
amazing place!!! bartenders are kings
Amelia B. 9/17/2023
Kennedy P. Avatar
Very fun. Love this place for karaoke also amazing margaritas !!!!
Kennedy P. 9/17/2023
Gavin P. Avatar
Love this place. Top to bottom 5 stars!
Gavin P. 9/17/2023
David T. Avatar
We were pleased that the bar has two halves, one with karaoke and the other without. Even more pleasing was the fact that the sound from the karaoke didn't really bleed across to the other area of the bar. We came in for some cocktails, and we came to the right place. I recommend NOT ordering from the main cocktail menu (old fashioned with root beer?!) but instead order the drinks your like directly from the bartenders who are excellent. The place does close quite early, but we are told that is a city ordinance for that area of the... read more
David T. 9/13/2023
Maggie J. Avatar
Love this speak easy!!! Super yummy drinks and fun atmosphere. The karaoke is so popular with!!!!
Maggie J. 9/11/2023
Stephanie B. Avatar
awesome time, staff is great
Stephanie B. 9/11/2023
Jamie B. Avatar
Stopped for happy hour, good drinks, and throw back alternative music was great!
Jamie B. 9/11/2023