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Elissa M. Avatar
I came to chicago by myself to replace my passport. I randomly googled "what to do late night in chicago" on a random Tuesday. It was such a fun, welcoming atmosphere that I didn't expect from Chicago. Bartender was awesome. I wish I could remember her name. She was great. Manny, the karaoke host, was literally on fire. I really appreciated the night I had there, and it made the rest of my trip so much better. Thanks y'all hit me up when you come to Nashville!
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Elissa M. 4/26/2024
eritripp Avatar
My party & I had an absolute blast & whenever I go to Chicago, I wanna go there!
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eritripp 4/25/2024
Gurleen K. Avatar
A fun speakeasy vibe bar in the loop! I came for the Tuesday trivia which was such a good time (won a bottle of vodka!) and had some great drinks! It is a pretty packed space and can get loud with the karaoke but still a good atmosphere. It’s definitely a fun little Chicago gem to see.
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Gurleen K. 4/22/2024
Brian H. Avatar
Had a great time! KJ was great (both locations are awesome!), fun crowd. Will def be back!
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Brian H. 4/10/2024
Alicia M. Avatar
Stumbled upon this place while I was in town for a conference. We had so much fun! Got there at like 12:30 am because we came from a drag show at the conference so I wish we had more time. Karaoke was great, acoustics were pretty solid. Not busy at all on a Wednesday night but so so fun.
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Alicia M. 4/09/2024
Jelani M. Avatar
An old school speakeasy vibe and karaoke, yes please. Such a fun spot for a night out with friends. They run the song selection process through an app on your phone and our dj was willing to find songs on youtube if necessary, so there were no limits on song selection. Drinks are fairly priced and the food is decent.
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Jelani M. 4/04/2024
Prav R. Avatar
Had a mule and espresso martini. Service was good. Nice cozy place. Karaoke was good. Would be nice if there was food or appetizers to purchase.
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Prav R. 4/04/2024
Ra R. Avatar
Nice place to hang out with friends and sing karaoke.
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Ra R. 3/29/2024
Maika Avatar
This Place is Amazing! I was in town and wanted to sing a few tunes before heading out and this is the place. The Atmosphere is everything! Will be back when I'm in town.
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Maika 3/27/2024
Mariana L. Avatar
I loooove this place. It is so cute, the music is so nice and they have such a good vibe. The staff is so fun and they have a $5 cocktail during happy hour. The best expresso martini I ever tried
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Mariana L. 3/07/2024
Sarvi B. Avatar
A lovely place to come and enjoy a drink and sing karaoke! Definitely come during happy hour when the drinks are $5.
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Sarvi B. 3/04/2024
Dan D. Avatar
We never miss the chance to have drinks and join in all the karaoke fun at Brando's when we visit Chicago!
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Dan D. 3/04/2024
Charles S. Avatar
It’s a beautiful bar but the karaoke vibe doesn’t match the original location. Still a solid bar.
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Charles S. 3/02/2024
Eddy a. Avatar
Exelente lugar para la familia
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Eddy a. 2/28/2024
Donna M. Avatar
This place is so much fun! Bad singing but great drinks!
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Donna M. 2/22/2024
Blue B. Avatar
Good drinks, and service.
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Blue B. 2/17/2024
Junpyo H. Avatar
I like it 좋아유
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Junpyo H. 1/31/2024
Anna g. Avatar
So fun! 🤩
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Anna g. 1/29/2024
Jayna B. Avatar
Four stars because the drinks were okay and a pizza that I ordered came out still cold and in some parts frozen. Otherwise a fun time with friends!
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Jayna B. 1/29/2024
Christina H. Avatar
This is a really cute, hidden karaoke bar! The ambience is great! So fun. Have all the songs!
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Christina H. 1/28/2024
T Avatar
Good service and drinks. Good prices
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T 1/27/2024
Caleb W. Avatar
We just went to the bar side of Brando's. It was nice and comfortable inside. The music playing was loud, but we were able to talk and still hear each other. It was happy hour, and the bartender took good care of us. A larger crowd started to appear closer to 7, but nothing unruly. The atmosphere is dark, but that fits the mood perfectly. We did order a small pizza since dinner was a little ways off. It was excellent. For just a sausage pizza, I thought the taste was great, and the crust was spot on. Don't let the choice of just pizza turn you off, this could've been a meal if we ordered a large, and enjoyed that too. Overall, we will definitely stop in again if we are in the area. Perfect spot to start a great date night or evening out.
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Caleb W. 12/12/2023
Elijah A. Avatar
I love coming here. Haven't been in a while but it's usually a very relaxed spot with fun vibes and great times!
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Elijah A. 12/09/2023
Devanshi S. Avatar
Unleash your inner rockstar at Brando's Lincoln Park! Let the music guide your night and sing your heart out with friends. It's not just karaoke; it's an unforgettable experience! Brando's is a high-energy karaoke bar in Lincoln Park with amazing cocktails. It's the perfect space for a night out, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and birthdays! I highly recommend trying their seasonal pumpkin spice espresso martini!
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Devanshi S. 12/09/2023
Clay G. Avatar
Gotta love Brando's! Great drinks, good service, non-stop karaoke
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Clay G. 12/02/2023
Maida S. Avatar
This is a fantastic spot! The ambiance is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and the karaoke experience is a standout. What's even better is the friendly atmosphere - everyone is genuinely nice.
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Maida S. 11/16/2023
Ken W. Avatar
I went last Friday with my girlfriend and two of our friends and this place is AMAZING. The drinks are strong, the bartenders and staff are incredibly friendly, and the karaoke is POPPIN. The woman running the karaoke can get any song you want up, it's free to sing (but tips are appreciated), and we got the party started with Holy Grail which got everyone out to the mic. Personally I think they're espresso martinis were killer, and that my rendition of The Anthem by Good Charlotte was the best song of the night. This place is going to be a staple of the neighborhood for a long time coming.
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Ken W. 11/16/2023
Peri E. Avatar
Great addition to Lincoln park!
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Peri E. 11/16/2023
claire g. Avatar
The best place in Lincoln Park (besides King of Cups). Bartenders know their stuff 🙂
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claire g. 11/07/2023
Bojan T. Avatar
Good atmosphere when it's busy, but too expensive for cocktail that is small glass full of ice...
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Bojan T. 10/11/2023
Lindsey D. Avatar
Best karaoke bar in town!! Visiting from California and for sure the most fun night out yet 🙂
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Lindsey D. 10/08/2023
Maddy H. Avatar
love this place 🙂
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Maddy H. 10/08/2023
Devon B. Avatar
Best karaoke bar in Chicago
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Devon B. 10/08/2023
Jamahra R. Avatar
Environment is very fun and the drinks are pretty good.
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Jamahra R. 10/08/2023
Pablo C. Avatar
Best service ever
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Pablo C. 10/08/2023
Rebekah E. Avatar
Such a good bar for the end of the night!
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Rebekah E. 10/08/2023
Kyle R. Avatar
Great for Karaoke!
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Kyle R. 10/08/2023
Campbell C. Avatar
Best bar in the city
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Campbell C. 10/08/2023
Evan V. Avatar
So fun!! Bartender is cute ☺️
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Evan V. 10/08/2023
caleb m. Avatar
Great service great vibes
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caleb m. 10/08/2023
Ellie M. Avatar
Great vibes and no cover! Super fun Saturday night out!
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Ellie M. 10/08/2023
Tre D. Avatar
Enjoyed the vibe, but the singing was mid
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Tre D. 10/08/2023
Samantha J. Avatar
Brando’s is a great vibe for friends and anyone looking for a good time
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Samantha J. 10/08/2023
John W. Avatar
Great spot for Saturday nights!
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John W. 10/08/2023
Erin W. Avatar
Parking: great place
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Erin W. 10/08/2023
Tyler T. Avatar
James at the front door is the man Parking: Great
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Tyler T. 10/08/2023
Mary S. Avatar
Fun place to do karaoke and get a drink!
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Mary S. 10/08/2023
Rylee M. Avatar
this place slays
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Rylee M. 10/08/2023
Kass Avatar
Best place ever
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Kass 10/08/2023
Nida R. Avatar
The hottest bartenders this side of town by far!
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Nida R. 10/08/2023
Leah P. Avatar
LOVE this bar!!! Super fun vibes and great drinks!! Will be back 🙂
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Leah P. 10/08/2023
Lauren W. Avatar
BEST PLACE EVER. Vibes are 10/10 for karaoke 🤪
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Lauren W. 10/08/2023
Humberto M. Avatar
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Humberto M. 10/07/2023
Taylor P. Avatar
Fun spot
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Taylor P. 10/07/2023
Alex P. Avatar
Love this place!!
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Alex P. 10/07/2023
Dana L. Avatar
10/10 vibes. Aesthetically pleasing, great karaoke (do you pay people to sing here?!?) and everyone is nice. Already planning on having my birthday party here.
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Dana L. 10/07/2023
Kaylee K. Avatar
First time here tonight! Loved it. Drinks were great! Atmosphere is great! Will be back again!
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Kaylee K. 10/07/2023
Richard M. Avatar
We came for a friends birthday and she loved it. It was karaoke night. Vegetarian options: They were delicious
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Richard M. 10/07/2023
Ben F. Avatar
Awesome place
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Ben F. 10/07/2023
alan b. Avatar
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alan b. 10/07/2023
Pooja M. Avatar
Trader Todd’s but an upper class vibe if you’re into that
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Pooja M. 10/07/2023
CYT a. Avatar
Awesome place!! Vegetarian options: Wine is vegetarian 🙂
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CYT a. 10/07/2023
Selina M. Avatar
First time at Brando’s and absolutely enjoyed my time. I love the environment! I would definitely recommend if you get the chance to do so! The drinks are 10/10 as well!
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Selina M. 10/07/2023
Matt K. Avatar
Nice spot
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Matt K. 10/07/2023
Ashley B. Avatar
Good vibes, cool decorations. Very fun atmosphere. I love the karaoke vibe but it is a nicer dressed karaoke bar.
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Ashley B. 10/07/2023
Sisika U. Avatar
Best Kareoke spot, drinks and atmosphere!
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Sisika U. 10/07/2023
Ava J. Avatar
Amazing vibe we love it
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Ava J. 10/07/2023
Noel C. Avatar
Great time for karaoke! The staff is very friendly
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Noel C. 10/07/2023
Amy M. Avatar
Spent my birthday at Brandos it was amazing!!!! Daddy Delight was delicious!!
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Amy M. 10/07/2023
Mark L. Avatar
A very cool speakeasy! Was here from out of town and went on a Monday and Wednesday. No sign outside just a neon martini glass. No special knock needed though! Very nice atmosphere l, a little dark (as it should be) and a fun crowd. Karaoke every night, which is a blast! The bartender is super nice and makes an amazing Old Fashioned. Easy to make friends and a fun place to grab a drink and/or sing! Definitely recommend!
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Mark L. 10/06/2023
Courtney P. Avatar
Go with a group for a great time. Or just go for the "show"!
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Courtney P. 10/06/2023
Delissa P. Avatar
Great place
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Delissa P. 10/06/2023
Hannah M. Avatar
Cruel summer Taylor swift
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Hannah M. 10/06/2023
A T. Avatar
You better come thru if ur in the chi I’m not jokin like where tf else r u gonna go? U don’t know. Just come fru and outsing me, bestie (it’s not hard)
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A T. 10/06/2023
Ally Avatar
Really fun karaoke!
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Ally 10/06/2023
Ashleigh Y. Avatar
The best Wheelchair accessibility: Good
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Ashleigh Y. 10/06/2023
Alec A. Avatar
Love this bar, such a fun set up and great drinks.
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Alec A. 10/06/2023
Lexi R. Avatar
The new place on Lincoln!
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Lexi R. 10/06/2023
jamirah C. Avatar
Much love and appreciation to Christian his drinks are made with love! Brandos in Lincoln Park has a wonderful atmosphere great crowd.! Nice and clean, vast menu of drinks, and great music ! Thanks for having me
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jamirah C. 9/29/2023
Shruti Avatar
We went for the Fall ladies night/mix and mingle and it was great fun. Definitely plan to return!
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Shruti 9/29/2023
Taylor M. Avatar
Such a beautiful location! Very attentive and nice staff. Karaoke live band on Sunday nights is a blast!
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Taylor M. 9/18/2023
Aria N. Avatar
Great time. Happy hour $5 drinks. Live music sundays. Lovely ambiance. Lots of fun nights forthcoming! Parking: Ample street parking and will depend on time of day
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Aria N. 9/18/2023
Amanda R. Avatar
So glad to have a Brando’s in the neighborhood! The place is gorgeous and the live band is top notch. Perfect place for a date or a night out with friends.
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Amanda R. 9/18/2023
Pemalyn H. Avatar
This place is classy and fun!
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Pemalyn H. 9/18/2023
Warren D. Avatar
Place had a sick vibe. Great atmosphere. Live music was great and drinks even better
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Warren D. 9/18/2023
Skyler K. Avatar
Brando's was an outstanding location with cheap drinks and such a great energy. We came for a quick drink but got sucked in - highly recommend this sweet spot!
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Skyler K. 9/18/2023
Aleksija I. Avatar
We came to the grand opening, and absolutely loved it! The ambience is so lovely and the live band was such a fun addition. The drinks are delicious (and strong). Highly recommend you check it out!
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Aleksija I. 9/18/2023
Simeon H. Avatar
Brandos was dope! Great service. Bradley the bartender was the bomb
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Simeon H. 9/18/2023
Stevie C. Avatar
A great vibe!! Drinks are very tasty as well and the staff is very friendly and overall atmosphere is so enjoyable!!
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Stevie C. 9/18/2023
Maddy T. Avatar
Amazing music and great karaoke selection. I went here for my 30th birthday with my sister, and had the best time!
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Maddy T. 9/18/2023